Our services will free up you and your company.

Advising on taxation law and optimising taxes for companies and for the individual partners of companies is a pleasure for us – every day brings new challenges! For myself and my team, the key to our work is being there for our clients, continually working towards jointly agreed goals

Come on board for tax advice!

Tax optimisation for companies is a complex process that continuously throws up questions and it may be necessary to make elections. Moreover, to take into account the many – often apparently minor – changes to taxation law requires up-to-date tax analyses and comparisons of tax burdens.

And that can easily become complicated and heated. We are particularly strong at preparing your tax returns, be it as a joint-stock company, partnership or sole trader. We tackle all these matters afresh with new energy each day. We will be there for you whenever you need tax advice!

Representing you: we keep you on course

Achieving successful outcomes makes us happy! That is why we are happy to represent your interests with the financial authorities and guide your company – for instance, through the stress of a tax investigation. You can concentrate on dealing with your real goals!

We can steer you in a new direction

Your company needs a change of direction? No problem! Together we can develop the plans for restructuring taxation for your business and, of course, we will be there to support you during the changes. So your new set-up will be perfect all round!

Bookkeeping, balance sheets, profit forecasts or investment planning – let my team help you with all the figures!

Keep an eye on the prospects for your business

Figures aren’t always what they seem: the actual impact of income and charges can often only be seen in context. It’s good to have help from independent experts to deal with that!

And accounts and financial controlling are amongst our strongest services. We can prepare balance sheets for you, prepare solid financial planning, analyses of targets and achievements and much more. Drawing up annual financial statements that take account of commercial and tax regulations is where we really excel.

Data protection and data security

Your data is in good hands with us! We do everything to ensure your financial and tax data is secure with us. This is why we use DATEV eG’s software and computer centre in Nuremberg to process your data. They are the leading software company and IT service provider for tax advisors and their clients in medium-sized companies. The DATEV computer centre works to the highest standards in security, as proved by its ISO 27001 certification.

IT solutions for accounting

Up-to-the minute efficiency is the trademark of our bookkeeping and accounts services. DATEV eG software guarantees there is never a hitch when your company data is shared with us or vice versa. It speeds up procedures, saving you time and ensuring communications are secure.

We set up processes for your bookkeeping and accounts that are individually tailored to your company and your requirements:

  • The classic way: with documentation on paper: you just have to collect it – and we do everything else for you, freeing up time and thinking space to spend on your company.
  • Alternatively we can offer you Cloud solutions: you have constant access to your documentation and your accounts data. Documents just need to be scanned in. This saves you unnecessary trips, and you have a day-by-day overview of your financial data!

Cashbook, an overview of your accounts, payment software – the basic package can be supplemented with other Cloud services from DATEV eG to meet your individual requirements. All the functions that might be relevant to you are at your disposal at all times. Optimum data security is guaranteed and you can request analyses and overviews from us at any time.

Gifts and inheritances, from companies in particular, are always a complex matter in every respect. We can relieve you of the burden of the taxation issues: you can benefit from the fact that advising on inheritance and gift tax is a specialism of mine.

Administering inheritances: I will be there for you in difficult times too

Perhaps you have received an inheritance, and the tax office has demanded a declaration for inheritance tax. Let me help you. As a tax advisor, declarations for inheritance tax are one of my specialisms!

Tax advice to assist with gifts: I can advise you so that all goes well

You would like to transfer your company or your properties to your nearest and dearest during your lifetime, and you are wondering what the consequences will be for gift tax – ask me! That way you will be sure that you have taken all the tax implications of your gift into account.

Whether it is advice on inheritance tax or gift tax, whether it is for your personal assets or for your company – my advice will give you the security that proper attention has been paid to matters such as taxes on earnings and property transfer tax when dealing with all your taxation issues. Because it is only by dealing with these interactions that viable solutions can be guaranteed.

Are you running a successful company and thinking of transferring your life’s work to the next generation? Then secure the services of some experienced “tax people” – preferably well in advance. We will assist you with all the taxation issues and ensure there is a seamless transition.

Off to new shores!

For company succession to be successful, there are a large number of factors to be taken into consideration. As well as business and inheritance considerations, there are issues concerning taxation too: for example, are there any gift tax allowances that should be considered? Is the legal structure of your company suitable for your successor from the point of view of taxation of earnings? What is the impact on tax of agreements to honour beneficial interests and lifelong pensions for you and your successor?

Succession in family businesses

Even if you have already found the right successor, in family businesses in particular there are other matters to bear in mind. For instance, you should consider whether any family members may need looking after at some point in the future. Furthermore, it may be sensible to make arrangements now for the continuation of the line of succession. This will avoid disputes between the heirs later.

In any case, your plans for the succession will demand open communication with your successor and your family. Here it is an advantage if you can present all aspects in a clearly comprehensible and transparent fashion – another area where we would be happy to assist you either with documents or in face-to-face discussions.

Are you interested? Or do you have some questions?

Call me or visit us in my offices. As your Wiesbaden tax advisor, I look forward to meeting you!