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Matthias Wilhelm

I am a qualified business economist (Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)), tax consultant and managing partner of a Wiesbaden-based tax consultancy firm. Specialising in successfully tackling challenging tax situations for small and medium-sized enterprises and business owners, we help our clients find their way through the maze that is taxation.

This provides them with security in their decision-making and frees up capacity to concentrate on core business.

Our clients know that we are there for them if a tax issue is bothering them. We always ensure that our careful and conscientious work makes matters of taxation easier to understand.

Alongside our professional skill, we are characterised by trustworthiness, punctuality, friendliness and pragmatism – just some of qualities that our clients very much appreciate in our firm.

Tax consulting / Tax returns

Looking for a tax consultant that will assist your company with ongoing tax-related tasks (e.g. completing and checking tax returns)?

Bookkeeping / Payroll / Annual financial statements

Need external help with your ongoing bookkeeping, payroll accounting or annual financial statements?

Inheritance tax / Gift tax

Require assistance with matters concerning inheritance tax or gift tax?

Company succession Structuring

Running a successful company and looking to pass your life’s work onto the next generation?

Matthias Wilhelm
Want to know more about me?

After studying business administration in Wiesbaden, Hohenheim and Sheffield (UK), I worked for various well-known small, medium-sized and international tax consultancy firms. I have been an accredited tax consultant for 14 years.

Many of the clients that I advise are based in Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt and the rest of the Rhine-Main region.

My particular area of specialisation is advising SMEs and corporate groups regarding national and international tax affairs. Alongside this, I work in the fields of income tax, inheritance tax and company succession.

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Taxation tips

As a tax consultant and managing partner of Wiesbaden-based PTS Paul & Tassius Steuerberatungsgesellschaft
Wirtschaftsberatungsgesellschaft mbH, my daily work involves advising clients on issues of taxation optimisation and practical implementation of tax changes.

Can I file my income tax return on paper?

Edward Snowden's revelations have left deep marks in the German population. Many taxpayers are wondering whether the electronic filing of tax returns via ELSTER & Co. is really safe.

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Can I use a sports car as company car ?

As a business owner, you decide which company car you drive. However, how can you make sure that the revenue office will accept all costs related to your company car as tax deductible?

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Corporation or partnership – What is the right legal form for my business?

As an entrepreneur you are repeatedly confronted with the question of what is the right legal form for your business. In this context, corporate law issues - as the limitation of liability for instance - as well as tax-related questions play an important role.

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