Successful people in business have one thing in common:
they work together with a tax advisor they can rely on.

In business, there are new challenges every day. You have to hold your own in the market, keep an eye on your finances and think about the future. Particularly in small and medium-sized businesses, it is good to have an experienced tax advisor by your side.

Tax advice can offer you more than you think

My team and I don’t just offer assistance with tax matters such as your tax returns. I can help with the day-to-day running of your business and with your financial planning for the future, leaving you with more time for the goals and issues that are really important to you.

Our services for you

Tax advice and tax returns

As tax consultants, we can offer your company assistance with all queries and matters concerning tax, for example, preparing and checking tax returns.

Bookkeeping, internal accounts, wages, annual financial statements

As an external service provider, we can relieve you of bookkeeping and internal accounts and your payroll and prepare your annual financial statement for you.

Inheritance tax and gift tax

Whether it is an inheritance or a gift, we can advise you on the tax implications and take over the administration of settling the tax due

Family businesses & company succession

We stand by your side as you transfer your life’s work to the next generation or inherit responsibility for a company.

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Income tax return: 8 things to think about (and will think about in the future)

Alle Jahre wieder müssen Sie Ihre Einkommensteuererklärung abgeben. Damit aus der Pflicht eine Kür wird, haben wir Ihnen 8 Themen aufgezeigt, an die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihrer Einkommensteuererklärung auf jeden Fall denken sollten.

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Stolpersteine bei Gesellschafterdarlehen an GmbH vermeiden

Die Finanzierung einer GmbH durch ihre Gesellschafter kann über Einlagen oder durch die Gewährung von Gesellschafterdarlehen erfolgen. Wir sagen Ihnen, worauf Sie aus steuerlicher Sicht bei der Gewährung von Gesellschafterdarlehen achten sollten.

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Trust is built on close contact
and that means having a local presence

I have worked as a tax advisor in Wiesbaden for many years. I have been there to provide effective support for my clients in the Rheingau and the whole Rhine-Main area, answering their questions about tax and maintaining good contacts with partners in business, professional associations and the authorities.

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Good tax advice helps you to save taxes, avoid pitfalls and stay on course for the future.

What is the right tax solution for my business? What options are there for me as a businessman or self-employed worker to save tax legally? Which rules in German and European tax law do I have to comply with? Which official organisations should I approach in Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main or elsewhere in the Rhine Main area concerning tax matters, for example, for a takeover?

As a tax advisor and managing partner in a Wiesbaden tax consultancy, I deal with questions like these every day for my clients – mainly for companies of all sizes, such as family businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It might be about how to apply the implications of tax regulations in practice. It might be a question of having to decide between two alternatives for taxation. Often there are concerns about the future and sustainability – for financial and business planning and for gifts and inheritances and company succession too. In each case, it is all about finding the best solution for the individual client.

Mission Statement
Our responsibility as tax advisor

Leitbild Steuerberater Wilhelm Wiesbaden

Leitbild Steuerberater Wilhelm Wiesbaden

As tax advisor, we perform our profession independently, reliably and proactive.